Discreet, confidential, professional ‘self’ counseling support and friendship

Do you ever feel ‘lonely in the crowd’? That there is so much more to you than you feel you can process? Things that are important to you that you are unable to express? Perhaps something is causing you pain – even physical symptoms? Or perhaps you have difficulties with relationships, intimacy or sexuality?

The tools I use and the nature of my work allows me to be an impartial listener and to help you access and bring alive your inner resources and trust so that you can navigate your human journey.

My approach, with a wide range of issues, can facilitate transformation towards a clearer sense of purpose, self worth and your own inner, dynamic resources.

Regardless of race, culture, gender or sexual orientation, and whether you’re in or out of shackles, monogamous or ‘polyamorous’, kinky, or disinterested/unsure about sex, or simply feeling a bit stuck, I can offer support for you to find what is right for you to live your life and fulfil your human potential.